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More Birthday Nitwittery

This morning got called up to the front desk area, turned the corner, and there's nearly everyone in the office waiting to take my picture. Standing in the reception area is a man holding a gigantic balloon arrangment. So I crack, "hey! You guys got me a man for my birthday!" Everybody laughs and I hug him, and it dawns on me: My sister-in-law's uncles run a Balloon Bouquet business. So I ask the delivery guy if he's from Balloon Bouquets and if he knows her uncles. He does, and he's like, "I know you too. We've met before. That's why I hugged you."

Wheels still not fully in gear, I say, "wow! What a coincidence that work would call you guys! What a small world!" And he looks at me kind of puzzled and smiles. I open the card and read that it's from my brother, his wife, and her brother. Until I read those words, I was convinced that somehow my co-workers had found them on some amazing stroke of luck. I would have never expected this in a million years. What a nice surprise :D

I had to turn my cameraphone on a diagonal in order to fit it all in!

Now to fit them on the Metro...

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