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Please think before you act.

This morning, a tour bus was blocking the drop-off point at the metro stop (background: it is very clearly labeled where buses should go and where cars should go) and slowly oozing out of the bus were wide-eyed, sky-staring, high school students obviously on some class trip.

I place no blame on the students nor the bus driver for this. I did however want to find the leader of their group, grab him/her by the shoulders, shake repeatedly and possibly provide a resounding slap. What on earth made this person think that unloading a busful of bumpkin teenagers onto mass transit during rush hour in a major metropolitan city was a good idea. These children are an inconvienence to everyone around them: not knowing where to walk, walking with no sense of urgency, overcrowding the trains, etc. The group leader should be aware of the fact that when you visit a place, the people who live there must carry on their lives independently of you. They don't just show up to provide atmosphere for your vacation.

Maybe this "leader" isn't entirely at fault. I mean, someone had to nominate this ignoramus to lead this pack. Who's more responsible for idiocy? The leader who makes the mistake or the people who chose this leader to do things right?
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