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Three Words: Midcap Tech Stocks

I was watching regular TV in a rare moment of TiVo Betrayal* and caught some show on E! where they were debating who is the young replacement for the celebrities we're familiar with: Orlando Bloom is the next Brad Pitt, Kate Hudson is the next Meg Ryan, blah blah blah blah some English guy should be the next somebody what with his period piece experience and his starring role in the upcoming sequel to The Graduate. There is no snark snarky enough.

*Yes, I finally got a TiVo; about two or three weeks ago. And as one would expect, it has changed my life. But it has also fundamentally changed the way I feel about TV. It used to be I would hunt and peck at the TV, searching and searching for quality, and settling on crap like this and finding out tidbits of life such as that craziness about the I have realized that I actually like crap like the above show, but have yet to own up to those desires enough to crowd valuable Sealab 2021 space with shit like The Next.

Ya know that scene in Jurassic Park where they put a sheep in the T-Rex pen and she doesn't want anything to do with it? Yeah. That's how TiVo feels.

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