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Alternate Reality Journals II

Let us all slip on our Alternate Reality Goggles and read this morning's LJ From The Other Side, shall we?

Rockin' Out with My Cock out!(nh_vw_grrl) wrote,
@ 2004-10-04 06:09:00

Current mood: WTF?

So we're leaving the Red Sox game in Baltimore and like, there's this huge crowd of cars in the left lane and they'res like NO WAY they're all going where I'm going, so I'm like screw this, ya know? and just go past everyone so I can get back in affter whatever it is they're waiting for. How was I supposed to know they were all waiting to turn onto 95? I mean, seriously. the sign had one of those bars before the left arrow that says it's up a ways. So anyways, I go up to the front and put on my blinker. and then this GUY in this shitbox toyota goes and HONKS HIS HORN AT ME. can you believe that? I mean, seriously. it's not like it was my fault. and I had my turn signal on. Jeesh. ANd THEN he passes me on the highway and HONKS AGAIN and then this chick in teh car gave me the middle finger. Come on people. Seriously. It's notl ike I stole from you or anything.

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