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Puerto Rico Trip Continued

I just looked up my flight confirmation to check my seats. My reservation number has expired. No biggie: that was the original reservation before the cancellation and rescheduling. I call them for the new one, and they say that's expired too - I missed my flight on September 28. September 28? My flight is on Thursday, October 28. No, it's here as September 28. That's not what I asked for. It says that in the confirmation email we sent you. I did not receive a confirmation email, the lady said I didn't need one since this record locator would still work. We can't honor your voucher since you made the re-reservation a long time ago in July. You did not call before September 28 to reschedule. Why would I do that? I'm flying out on Thursday. I will try to find you the best price for Thursday. I'm not paying you again for a flight I have not taken. Hold please. thank you for holding. Hold one more moment please. I need to speak to my manager. I will call you back after I speak with my manager and I will solve this for you.

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