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Shooting Blanks

My mind is a complete blank. I'm either focused on things I don't feel like posting about or nothing worthwhile at all. I've been incredibly busy lately, so I should think something would spark a few synapses here and there but the busy is fast becoming routine. I leave for a short bidness trip this afternoon to Raleigh, where a happy hour with my mom and her friends is planned for tonight.

They've really been upping the ante for the Asian Porno spams I've been getting to the main info email for my work. Speaking of which, I think I need to start fresh with my home computer - suddenly my hard drive is full and I don't have enough RAM to open MS Word, and when I open Internet Explorer, I get a nice popup for Your One Stop for Facials, Gigantic Natural Boobies, and Gigantic Not-So-Natural Boobies. My confidence in online banking and the social life of my Sims have suffered greatly.

I don't know if I'm fighting a cold or the arid interoffice climate is causing my throat to raw and my skin to retract upon itself, but either way I feel like the Cryptkeeper. Hopefully today's flight will pop that sinus pressure right out of my ears.

I need to think about what I want to ask for for Christmas. Last year we made up wish lists for ourselves and it was such a success, it's now a family instiution. While it's incredibly convenient for gift buying, it's very stressful for gift requesting. I have no idea what to ask for. Either I wanted it and bought it, or it is something so frivolous that I've already decided it's too expensive/useless/impulsive/cluttery/etc. that I have wiped it from my mind. I have two items down - I need to think of 8 more.

I wish I could carpet my apartment. That would make everything a whole lot easier.

So um. Yeah.

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