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Chickens, Eggs, and Gideon Yago

This recent tragedy may be the best thing that ever happened to cable television. For those of us who cannot even bear to watch the Towers explode one more time, we are exiled from the now all-news Networks to the world of Cable, which is thankfully providing some sort of diversion from the issue at hand. There are only so many crying widows I can look at before I instinctively tune in to Lifetime’s feature presentation of Driving Miss Daisy in an effort to save myself from total emotional exhaustion. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

It has also confirmed my love/hate relationship for MTV. The events have peeled off one more layer from their already loosely disguised political bent. If the ’92 election didn’t expose them enough, the story that has been showing on MTV News 10 minutes to the hour every hour has not been the horrific destruction and death around us or the heroic rescue efforts that have been put forth to somehow remedy it, but the fears of the Muslim community of “potential future racism”. Way to keep it subjective, asswipes.

The good thing that has come out of this is that MTV is showing videos. Yes, folks, videos. Hours and hours of them. Videos. Moving pictures to go with music. You may not remember them, as they are not often seen in this, the Year 10ARW (that’s Anno Realius Worldi), and from some of the selections that have been playing in the past few hours, not many were made since the coming of the Real World. I don’t think I’ve seen an Arrested Development video in eight years, let alone when it’s followed immediately by Pearl Jam’s Alive. VH1, their dorky little brother, has of course, followed suit.

But, being MTV, they have to fuck it up somehow. Every half-hour or so, they show Carson “The Wooden Puppet” Daly explaining how music heals us and they’re suspending their normal broadcasting to play videos, provide braking news broadcasts, and share your thoughts. Not only does this tell me that this all-video second coming will quite ironically last only as long as it took Jesus to rise from the dead, but that we will be subjected to the emails from thirteen year-olds around the country for the rest of the weekend.

Yes, the emails. At times I am jealous of those who have never read livejournal. Those who don’t know the utter frustration and nauseating disgust that comes from reading the bumbling thoughts of self-righteous suburban teens from around the country don’t know why my scowl line has re-grooved itself on my forehead. Thanks to the omnipresence of MTV, the world gets to read these thoughts in the form of emails posted between videos and before commercials. I don’t care that Alexis in San Diego hears that someone who went to her middle school knows someone who’s brother’s friend worked eight blocks from the World Trade Center so she know knows how small the world really is. It brings me no comfort to find out that Jennifer in Austin, TX can’t believe it all happened and wants to hug her mother and wish it was a dream. I fear for the future when I read that Christopher in Dayton, OH says that even though he lives far away from New York, he can still feel like it must be terrible to lose a loved one.

We all know that we had it really good a few days ago, back when we could spend our time worrying about stupid shit. The “issues” of last week no longer matter; you tend not to worry about a stubbed toe when your arm has been lobbed off. MTV, both the pulse and the finger on the pulse of the nation under thirty, has been doing a beautiful job of slicing the situation into soundbytes easy enough for even Mike D. Followers to swallow. Is this is a shameful marginalization of the situation or a noble effort to dispense it in a “children’s formula”? Does MTV know that the youth of America can only comprehend superfluous issues and as a result must present them as such, or is the inability of the youth of America to think outside their living rooms the fault of MTV?
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