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Not-so direct cause and effect

I have become convinced that there were two parties that came out of the recent events victorious. While a senseless and horrible tragedy, it still has countless resulting consequences that were not considered the moment the planes hit. By presenting this, I mean in no way to belittle the events, merely to point out that the results that have come and soon will come because of them. All of the things mentioned in today's bonus QOD: postponed television, movies, and tours, road detours, and deteriorating radio show quality are all subtle changes that have affected us to the negative. But in all of this madness, of all of these minor differences, we may some time in the future find some sort of silver lining to this dark cloud of debris, and I'm not referring to the shiny bits of building exterior that were seen floating above Brooklyn last week.

Some, however, may not have to wait too long or look too hard.

Exhibit A: Gary Who?
It's not only World Trade Center employees and rescue workers that have been swept off the face of the earth as a result of last week's event. Democratic Senator Gary Condit of California has managed to ride the souls of thousands of dead Americans to veritable political obscurity. Let alone the fact that the American public has the attention span of a coked-up squirrel, the WTC Disaster has successfully swept certain political issues under the carpet, if you will, and Senator Condit is no exception. The truly awful part about this is that he managed to dick it to Chandra and the Levy family one more time. Their search has been overshadowed by other families' searches for their lost loved ones while their daughter is also missing. Just because she wasn't lost in the event du jour, it doesn't mean she's been found. Mr. Condit, however, will most likely never be heard from again.

Exhibit B: Priceline dot what?
Just 2 short weeks ago, an email was sent to my fellow employees and me that notified us of a Travel Agent fee increase from $12 per transaction to $25, be it a full booking or a simple arrival time change. At the time, I chuckled over the idea that travel agents are still around, seeing as flights cost next to nothing and a trained monkey could book one from any number of online booking services. I felt bad for them for a while, but then I remembered how I sent a Travel Agency a resume when I was job hunting and they never called. Hey, I figured, why not try something new? But who really wants to work in some dingy strip mall between the post office and the local pharmacy anyway? Anyhoo, Travel Agents upped their fee to make up for the fact that they are obsolete.

Or were obsolete, at least, until Tuesday. Enter airline terrorism and the sudden, shocking realization that most airport security agents have the cranial capacity of the aforementioned monkeys. Flights have been reduced, security has been increased, and Travel Agents are back, baby. This afternoon, in came a new email from the same person as the last, complete with predictions of airport doom and gloom, the likes of which haven't been considered since people dressed up to fly. 2-3 hour check in times. No curbside check-in. No carry-on luggage. Paper tickets. No knives anywhere (which as we know, means no more steak). Suddenly, Travel Agents don't seem like the milkmen of yesteryear. At the bottom of today's email was the prophetic phrase, "Rembember, without a Travel Agent, you're on your own."

If the events of the past week can some how come up roses for someone, who knows what hidden joys we may uncover with every shovel of rubble. Call it my sense of blind optimism, call it it what you will. Something good has to come of this. If the sun can shine on these dogs' asses, maybe there's hope for us yet.
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