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The philosophical equivalent of breads and cereals

The more I read livejournal, the more I realize that maybe civilian casualties aren’t such a bad thing. Okay, so I don’t believe that, but it sure is a good opener.

All across the communities here, particularly debate, views and thought club, not to mention the countless protest, feminist and atheist groupings, anti-American sentiments have abounded. I know I have referenced them before, but no matter how many times I see them, I still need a few Tums. Whiny little children saying we got what we deserved and that America is, in the long run, at fault here. I’m sure if more of our scopes of vision were limited to the 24 inches from their eyes to our monitors, we might have to agree. But the rest of us do remove our heads from our asses from time to time. We have drivers licenses, after all, and it’s hard to see over the wheel with our knees around our shoulders.

We can’t entirely blame these babes for seeing the world as they do, especially when the Washington Post quotes a DC resident as saying, “What's going to help stop attacks against the U.S. is if we help create a fairer world". No wonder our children are not growing up. The adults aren’t either. When was the last time anyone actually exercised the notion that the world is or ever will be fair? Fair?!?! What the fuck is this, gym class? When has the idea of spreading fairness ever worked? Human nature is not fair. We envy that which we do not have and strive to have the best for us and ours. There’s nothing fair about that. Other countries have tried out this level-playing-field fairness campaign, and now they’re nothing more than dated answers on old versions of Trivial Pursuit.

The article goes on to quote a teacher (TEACHER. Yes, folks, a teacher. Someone who is spreading their “knowledge” to our youth – the same youth that populates these journals) who says "You Shall Reap What You Sow." Without trying too hard to figure out exactly what the people that were murdered last Tuesday had actually sown to reap this fate, maybe we did deserve this. But I have a feeling it’s not in the way that these would-be IMF protestors think.

God is pissed. And I don’t mean in the Falwell Way. I’m talking about Greek Tragedy. Oedipus. Hubris. Here we have been, sitting idly in the greatest civilization ever to grace the face of the planet, resting on our laurels and searching for something to complain about. The fact that we had the time and luxury last week to concern ourselves with whatever asinine issue came down the path may not have looked good to the lightning-bolt-throwing variety of god whose wrath I propose we have incurred. We’re lucky we don’t turn into pillars of salt when we gaze upon the burning Towers.

I present Manislow’s Pyramid. Note that such physiological needs as food and shelter are at the base of this pyramid, taking up the most space while self-actualization and transcendence are at the top. Had we become so concerned with these smaller things that we ignored the fact that we even had to consider the bottom? Were we so confident that we were physically secure that we became obsessed with transcendence and self-actualization? Can our recent actions and intentions constitute an excessive overbearing pride? Was it just plain cocky that we were able to devote our time to useless causes? Were we so confident in our stability that the idea of actual tragedy didn’t even occur to us?

People who don’t have enough to eat don’t worry so much about animal rights. People who have no place to live don’t concern themselves with Urban Sprawl. The fear of death is upon us. Was last Tuesday the “man of no woman born” that would bring this pride to a grinding halt?
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