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I hate to call it a reality check.

Tonight Mickey and I went to a party out in Fairfax at a house belonging to friends/former co-workers. Even though I had never been to the house before, I knew almost exactly where it was, having gone to college out there and as a result, practically having a map of "Old Town" Fairfax tatooed on the back of my hand. Sweet memories came rushing back to me as I bought beer from the nearby Safeway. It was like a homecoming.

However, the reality of how long of an away stay it had been came to me in small doses:
-They renovated the Safeway.
-I felt no guilt about tossing out the warm inch at the end of my beer, knowing full well I could always get more and could afford to.
-One of the guests told me that at her school they allow smoking. I asked her where she went to school and she said something like Piney Hills or whatnot, and it took me a minute that she wasn't referring to a college. On top of that, she and another girl had a 12:30 curfew.
-We were worried about the cops coming. Most of the people there were worried about getting busted for drinking underage and noise. I, and others like me, were worried about getting distribution of alcohol to minors or whatever they call it.

It was great being back in the old hood, but seeing how far away from it I have become kinda scares me. It was nice to be able to pass on some experience, but I also felt like kind of like the woman who is just too old to be wearing those shoes with that skirt.

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