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Gamer: "I can't believe someone got more video games than me this Christmas"

Happy to virtually see everyone this morning; I hope all of you have had as pleasant a past few days as I have. Quick play-by-play: took the day off Thursday, lounged and tidied. Thursday night spent with the fam getting stuff ready for the Big Day. Christmas Eve we went to the Japanese Steakhouse as is becoming tradition, and I got drunk on sake. In an attempt to smoothly merge holiday traditions with my in-laws, we opened some presents on Christmas Eve and others on Christmas Day. turkishturki and Jenn made a Beef Tenderloin with a Cranberry Port Reduction, Smoked Gouda Whipped Potatoes, Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing and homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup. Mickey came over that evening and he, Gamer and I spent the rest of the night playing Unreal Tournament on the Dreamcast, which, due to a loss of power, thought it was still 1997. Poor Dreamcast. I wish it were still 1997 too, buddy. You were king then.

It was the Video Game Christmas for you pal Mej. Starting with the DS, it all just fell into place from there. I was chatting with Mickey and his friend that night about how I wanted to get The Urbz for it and bam! Mickey's friend gave me The Urbz. I was talking to Gamer the next day about how I was excited that I will be able to play Mario 64 on my new DS, and bang! Gamer gave me Mario 64 for Christmas.

And from the never-cease-to-amaze department, after playing Sims 2 at ao and mac's house, Mickey and I decided that my email-reading machine was not sufficient for our gaming needs and if he paid for the necessary video card for his more game-oriented computer and I bought Sims 2, we'd start using his in my apartment.

Cut to a few weeks later, Christmas morning: presents are spread about, and it is my turn to open. I casually reach for a box from my mom and she nonchalantly says I can open it then. Tear off the paper to find Sims 2 and proceed to gasp in shock and delight, shrieking with glee. My mom, sitting on the couch beaming with pride, reaches into her purse and pulls out a review from the Raleigh News and Observer and says "I want you to know I picked this out all by myself. I read this in the paper and thought this game would be right up your alley. You always liked that Sim City game." I did indeed, mom. Slam Dunkeroo.

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