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2005 Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions for 2005

Stop biting and/or picking at my cuticles and nails Granted, I really only bite 2 nails (my thumbs) but my cuticles are a mess and I realize how stupid I look with my goddamn fingers in my mouth all the time.

Effectively bleach teeth While this process has already begun, I would like to return my teeth to their youthful white glow.

Re-lose the weight I lost in 2002 I can not believe how far I've let myself slip since my brother's wedding. This will no longer stand. The next three resolutions tie into this:

Visit the gym at least once during the weekend Generally I get to the gym 4 days a week with little or no problem or effort. The weekends are a different story. If I could get there at least once, it will bring my usual gym visitation frequency up to a respectable 5 days a week.

Wake up and do yoga in the morning at least 4 days a week Simple dimple.

Fit into the shorts I got in Hawaii by July 1 Probably sounds easier than it will be.

Talk less shit I feel like I spend too much time bitching, gossiping, and otherwise talking shit. Perhaps some sort of Shittalking Quarter Jar is in order.

Properly appropraite my emotions From the Department of Vagueness Dept., I think I need to look into myself and realize why I'm acting the way I am about stuff. Am I really pissed off about those assholes on the metro or am I frustrated with my job? Am I really frustrated with my job or am I just pissed off about those assholes on the Metro?

More to come as I think of them.

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