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Lesser of two evils?

We have all heard about how movies are being postponed and how networks are choosing not to air any films or shows that may hit too close to home. While this is another fine example of how the MPAA can censor itself gently and effectively when push comes to shove, but my beef is with the networks.

It seems that the only alternatives to violent terrorism-themed programming that they can conjure up as a replacement are romantic comedies. The Arts section of Sunday’s Post has revealed that ABC’s substitute for The Peacemaker is Hope Floats. Don’t they understand that while the sentiment is sweet, the act is devastating? Personally, I would rather stab myself in the eyes with a paper clip than watch a perky romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock, let alone one that features her as an ex-cheerleader divorcee just trying to make it in a small town with the aid of the ruggedly blue-collar Harry Connick Jr.

Who knows whether or not the V-chips will protect our innocent babies from such torture. It’s bad enough that they’re exposed to all of the madness on the news. This is just cruel.

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