The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight (maeincarnate) wrote,
The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight

Please welcome...

Hello World, Hello Livejournal! My name is Emily.

At first I was reluctant to join all of you. I had to be coerced rather ungraciously from my home, but my host mother is recovering well from what I understand is called a "Scissorian" or something like that.

However, all of this bright light flashes have made me very sleepy.

This "rock and roll" is my favorite discovery thus far. Someday I would like to find a "cockout" so I my rock out with it.

This is my male caregiver replacing my waste recepticle cloth. He has not done this previously and the others delighted in this being "Daddy's first Diaper". I believe his namesake is included in that phrase. As such, I will refer to him as 'Diaper'.

I appreciate all of your kind words of welcome. I understand I will be with you quite some time so I hope to get to know you all much better as you seem to be gracious hosts.

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