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Interactive LJ Fun!

Last night, coldblackncold, bobwhite, and Mickey's friend Tom played Loaded Questions, a game I got from g_nice at this year's Roto Santa Party. The game is as fun as the gentleman on the left would have you believe. Basically, you ask a question, everyone writes their answer down, and the answers are read to you, and you have to guess who said them. Hilarity ensues.

One of the questions was: "Write a rhyme for this: Once I had a pretty cat..."

Hooby Dooby that was a fun one. I won't share in a public forum what answers were provided. I know it's late in the day and LJ is nearly closed for business, but how about this:

Write a matching rhyme for these phrases:

The sky outside was blue and dreamy...

He said "my oh my how you have grown"...

She wore a gown adorned with lace...

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