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The Avoidant State of my Union

Considering the weight and sobriety of the State of the Union Address, my brain has reduced itself to the comprehension of base jocularity and base jocularity only.

1. I wonder what the clamor of thousands of people who figured "Two Weekends a Month? Two weeks a year? No problem!" simultaneously dropping whatever they were holding and shouting "THEY DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THIS" sounds like.

2. With his little Te-jas accent, every time GW said "Terror" I heard "Terah" and thought of him wearing a Scarlet O'Hara dress protecting his plantation from the Yankees. "Yankees in Terah? I just won't think about that now...I'll think about it tomorrah."

3. The whole event reminded me of a cross between a Catholic mass and a pep rally. Stand up, sit down, fight! Fight! Fight!

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