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What does it all mean? When will we know? (because knowing is...)

Thinking deeper on the kidnapped GI, my mind is aflurry with questions:

Was this story even leaked by Islamist terrorists or just some wacky computer hacker, a college prank, or is it just a blairifcation?
Assuming the story did come from the Islamists, did they actually think this was going to go unnoticed and we were going to fall for it?
Are they testing the waters, as in, trying to find out how far they could go before we catch on?
What does this mean for all those tape recordings and stuff that have been showing up "from" OBL? The CNN link doesn't show the prisoner but just some stock shots of soldiers holding rifles. What other stories have been 'dolls' - or, for that matter, 'memos'?
If it is a trick, did we fall for it? Was the whole point to see if we'd broadcast first and ask questions later? Or were they trying to find out how hard they'd have to work to leak a fear story?
And how on earth did those pictures of the dolls actually make it to press? Was everyone in the newsroom so excited to break such a huge story or were they too scared to speak up?

Will we get to see the beheading video? Will it just be some guy's thumb popping Joe's head off? And how many American men are guilty of terrorism now? Staggering reports show the average male has beheaded upwards of a dozen blonde, upwardly-mobile careerwomen in their lifetimes, let alone using hommemade Agent Orange, burning American Soldiers with solar magnification devices, or even simply setting them afloat on boats to drift to their deaths on our rivers and streams?

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