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Please, anything but work...

The right side of my face is leaking. I have a feeling this is a result of poking myself in the eye while dancing at Heaven last night. It took me all morning to figure out exactly *how* I poked myself in the eye while dancing, but if memory serves, it was when I tried to push my hair out of my face. Of course I didn't make a big deal of it at the time, because I didn't want to be the only lamo on the dance floor rubbing her eye because just poked herself in it. I guess I played it off well, because I forgot about it until this morning. So it's been burny and runny all day. Now the strange part is that my right nostril is runny too. Weird.

Why is it that I always have to pee right when it's time to actually get work done?

I love Smarties. I love them so very much. Why is it that I always forget this until right around Halloween?

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