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And we couldn't pee in the drinking fountain...

We have an ice machine in the kitchen in my office. It is similar to the kind you would find in a hotel hallway – the cubes sit in a big box and the new cubes fall from the top, and a scoop is used to get the cubes out. There is a slot for that scoop on the interior side of the machine, however, most people do not use it and simply stab the scoop into the top of the pile of ice. Over time, more ice is made that falls from above, burying the scoop in ice. The next person must dig through the ice with their hand in order to get the scoop out.

We would all like to think that everyone else washes their hands after they go to the bathroom. But we all know that there are people out there that don’t. We may have, like I have, witnessed one or more of our co-workers leave the bathroom without washing their hands.

The purpose of having the scoop is to provide the more sanitary option to simply reaching in there and pulling out the ice. However, leaving the scoop to be buried and having to manually retrieve the scoop from the ice defeats this purpose.

If I were one of those note-hanger-uppers (like the chicks in my senior year dorm who put up a sign reminding us that our mother doesn’t live here) I would post a sign that said:

Please do not make us lick your genitals. Put the scoop in the slot.
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