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LJ Self-Challenge #2: Bi-Daily Posting

I am going to force myself to post twice a day for the remainder of this week. For some reason I feel smarter when I'm transcribing inanity in an accessible medium.


Thanks to mac for this

Movie-theater size boxes of Gobstoppers are on sale at CVS for $0.88.

Rarely has my attention to comedy backfired monetarily than yesterday. A friend of mine from work came to happy hour on Thursday and forgot to pay before he left. I covered him without concern of his stiffing me later. Yesterday morning, he approached me, apologized for forgetting to pay and assured me he'd cough up the dough. A few moments later, to break what I was beginning to observe was nervous tension, I told him about the amusing manner in which drunken Bob insisted I not give him any money. The part I think I didn't stress about that little tale was how I gave Bob money for the two of us anyway, and I have a distinct feeling that I joked myself out of 20 bucks.
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