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Pimp My...Self

A group of guys moved into the apartment one floor down and cattycornered from me. They have what looks like a black-and-white TV from the Sims and no other furniture other than the table at which they sit and drink 40's every evening at approximately 11:30pm. They have already proven more interesting than my Saturday Afternoon Salsa Cleaning Party neighbor. I also met the children of the new Japanese family across the way. Judging from his awed gasp, one of them spotted the Millipede machine when I opened my door.

One of the guys at Nerd Night recently commented on how many gadgets I have, what between my iPod and my Nintendo DS, this coming from a guy with a flashy sportscar with a suped up sound system. The way I see it, as a Metro rider, I am my car. An iPod is the best sound system I can get. My game boy provides me with a certain bucket seat of comfort in which I can sit and block out the world around me.

As much as I complain about taking Metro, I do love learning the price of gas from random LJ laments and wondering where my car is and when the last time I drove it was when I go searching for it in the parking lot.

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