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Comparisons I don't want to make

There's this commercial for those Crest Whitening strips that you put on your teeth to remove stains that features a marine archaeologist pulling artifacts from the sea and washing hundreds of years of crud off the them. Then, this commercial-character, who we are supposed to believe is a scientist says something to the effect of "I love restoring these century-old artifacts to their original splendor. That's why I love these Crest Whitening Strips."

Wha-wha-WHAT? I can understand a layer of film on your teeth in the morning, but century-old artifacts? How long has he been sleeping? I love my teeth. I love having them clean. But no matter how clean I get them, compare the stains and buildup on them to something that went down with the Titanic, and *your* teeth are gonna look a lot different.

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