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Paraphrased from my brother

For those of you who weren’t there on Saturday, my brother told the most fantastic story I have heard about the WTC Disaster. Don’t worry. This one won’t be about carrying out handicapped people and no one dies.

So my brother’s friend’s father worked at the World Trade Center. Tuesday morning, the man’s wife was calling his office and his cell phone desperately trying to get through to her husband…to find out if he was alive or dead.

At some point during the late morning, she gets through to his cell. He nonchalantly answers. She frantically asks how he is and if he’s okay and where he is. He says of course he’s fine, he’s at work sitting at his desk.

What do you mean, you’re at your desk? How could you be at your desk? Your office building collapsed...

The question is, is it a relief to find out that your husband survived the WTC collapse because he was at a hotel with his mistress, or do you wish your cheating pig bastard husband burned slowly trapped in an elevator?

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