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Beating out 'Barfuss' as the best last name ever:

Mickey and I went to the Outer Banks for a wedding this weekend. Apparently the weather in DC was lovely, as everyone has been complimenting me on choosing such a nice weekend to head to the beach. While the daytime highs were in the mid 50's at the Outer Banks, however, the 35mph winds resulted in a WIND CHILL of about 45. We had a fantastic time notwithstanding.

Mick works with the bride, so we were at the co-worker table, with another co-worker and her husband, and the bride's bosses (husband and wife) and their daugther and son. Out having a smoke with the bosses' son, I asked him what he does for a living and he said he works for a catering company owned and operated mostly by gays. Better still, he said his boss's name is Bobby Buttsavage. I laughed and suggested he was kidding, but he said it's on his paychecks and everything. "the best thing is when people come by and ask if Buttsavage still works there. Yep. Indeed he does."

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