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I like to care of beauty of people.

Hello my friend.

Me call Mej. To me of 27 years. I was born September, 23, 1977 in city of Morristown. You have seemed it is enough the interesting person. And at me the desire with you has appeared to get acquainted.Probably you would like to ask me. What I search for relations? I SEARCH TO MYSELF OF THE CLOSE PERSON, for serious relations. With which in fast the future, would like to connect the life.

Probably you will be set by a question why I search for the destiny and want to connect the life with the person from for internet. I tried to find the guy from IRL, and was convinced that they do not appreciate feeling, of relations, between the man and the woman.On mine the sight in relations should to be present not only what or needs , but love and romanticism.Not much I shall tell about myself. I am very romantic person. I work in cosmetic interior. I like to care of beauty of people. As I think, that appearance is a part of a basis internal beauty of the person.If you want to find out about me more please write to me. It would be pleasant for me if you would not leave me without attention.Write to me on mine

electronic the address: I shall wait for your fast reply.

With sincere respect MEJ.

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