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Standards for Sale - $14.99

This afternoon, I was invited to go to the Gap in the middle of the day by my supervisor and a few of my co-workers for no other reason than there was a jacket on sale there for $14.99. These are the people, mind you, that for the first few months of my employ would stand over my cubicle and make plans to go to happy hour with each other. Now they’re asking me to blow off some work time with them. I kinda felt like I had been asked to ditch 7th period to go to Taco Bell with the cool kids.

The walk to the Gap was pleasant, I oohed and aahed with them over leather skirts and awful zipper sweaters, and I actually found a new purse/bag that I liked for only twenty dollars. Walking back to the office, however, I felt hollow inside. Sure, I had crossed one more thing off my List (go shopping for clothes I don’t want in the middle of the work day—check), but it wasn’t satisfying. I felt like I had left a little bit of myself back there in the Gap. I didn’t want to go in the first place, I really am not interested in these people’s acceptance, and I don’t like the Gap.

I know I’m cashing in my pride every day I come back to this job, but is it so bad that I’ll throw all of my standards out the window just to get away for a little while?

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