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nuh-uh, this chick is BROKE.

I have $113 dollars to my name until pay day on Friday, and I'm lucky to have that much, mostly thanks to my charging a lot of things (i.e. groceries) that I normally would put on my check card these past few weeks. I bought a bunch of stuff last night so I could bring lunch this week and had a head full of plans of lasting on the $7.50 in my wallet until at least Thursday.

I slept for shit last night, woke up late, and upon putting on real shoes for the first time since I gave myself a pedicure yesterday morning, realized my exfoliation technique needs a little softening. I missed the bus, and didn't feel like walking a whole lot. So what did I do? I drove in to work. $12 to park. Then I could not resist a breakfast sandwich, and I needed coffee since I was so tired and oh look they have the juice I like mmm hash browns makes for an $8.50 breakfast. Had to go to the ATM so I can liberate my car later and paid $3 in fees to do so.

Let's do the math, shall we? In the first hour of my week of frugality, I managed to spend just over 20% of my money. Way to willpower, Mej.

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