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Dear Fatty, Welcome to Dumpsville.

MSN Presents: What to do if Your Date Overeats

You're dating someone who seems like the perfect mate. The conversation flows, you two both love action-adventure flicks and rowing on warm spring days. But there's a problem: Every time you go out for a nice dinner, your special someone gorges on the basket of sourdough rolls (with lots of butter), a big old bowl of fettuccine alfredo and can't resist the flourless chocolate cake for dessert—only to moan about it the next day. You're a health-conscious type of person and just can't watch this scene anymore, but how to bring it up—"Honey, are you sure you really want the cheesecake tonight?" or "Do you know that pasta has about 1000 calories?" You know the only way to preserve their waist—and your sanity—is to speak up, but how can you do it without a bucket of fried chicken in your face?

Preserve your sanity? Note nothing in this whole article talks about the date being fat, just that they eat a lot when they go out. Who the fuck cares? The eater is "moaning" about it the next day--they apparently regret their decision--isn't that enough? Is this scene such a big problem that it warrants an entire article? Ya know what, asshole? You better have a BMI of about 9 and never let anything other than lean chicken breast to pass your lips before you have any sort of ground to stand on and make a statement like that. If you like someone but can't stand to see them eat, you probably don't like them very much.

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