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Car Repair Update

Regarding my failed inspection and broken engine mount: sure I've been driving around with a rejected sticker on my car for about a month longer than I was supposed to. But I took her in to get fixed last night, and they worked on it all day. Fixed the problem, and re-inspected free of charge. Now my car's fixed and I don't have to bother with going back to the inspection place. Total bill: $241.

They had called me earlier in the day to give me the lowdown, but just now I got an email from them (they asked for my email when I filled out the envelope - I figured it was going to be marketing or some bullshit) with notification that the work is complete and the car is ready, the total cost, and a link to a page that has the full detail report. Excellent work, Koons Dodge of Falls Church. You will be getting a very appreciative email from me. You will be joining Liberty Mutual in my esteem of "Companies Who Maximize Technology for Customer Convenience".
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