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Another pound on that dead horse

It struck me last night, as I thought about and discussed Star Wars for what was fast becoming the 24th straight hour, how conveniently the characters do and do not understand R2D2.

Beeeep! Boopboobooboop! I'll lower the shields and deploy the ionizing target missiles on the left flank sir! Bleeeeeeeep!
"That's great, Artoo. Pull up and I'll fire on the right."

Beeeeleep! Beeebleebleeblebleebleebleep! What a shocking coincidence, young man! I was created in this very sand igloo some 50 years ago! Please will you show me to the recluse Jedi known as Obi-Wan Kenobi? I have a message for him and I think he may want to meet you. Bloobloopbloopbloop.
"What's he going on about?"
"Oh, he's been babbling about his 'owner' this whole time. Stop with the nonsense! [bonk bonk]"
Tags: nerdery, pop culture, rant

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