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Fun Facts

A little bit of Mej Trivia for the folks at home: I love to untangle knots. I just found a balled up necklace in my purse and I'm in heaven.

In high school, I worked at this little boutique that sold jewelery and local art and aromatherapy stuff and whatever else my boss Zelda thought was neat. Every Saturday I would come in to find a ball of anywhere from 5 to 10 necklaces all knotted together on top of a piece of paper with an angry frustrated face drawn on it. I'd undo them, pin them to a display thing all neatly and come in the following Saturday to a new ball. It was awesome.

And now for the interactive portion of our show: anyone else got a trivia item to share?

Edit: This little pleasure of mine is certainly double-sided. While I am filled with accomplishment when I successfully untangle a knot, I am met with a bittersweet disappointment in having not more knot to untangle.
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