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tra lalalalala.

I have been in an inexplicably good yet almost mentally detached good mood for the past few days. I keep trying to think of something to write about and then my mind wanders off.

I like turtles. They're cute and neat.
I like Smarties candy.
I like my new Reach Floss thing.
My car is a creaky old girl and she's lost her trim on one side. I love her.

Ok now I've just got my ringtone stuck in my head. Usually this means someone's about to call. Sometimes, like now, it means someone just did.

Anybody who calls me, don't call my house phone anymore. I couldn't bring myself to getting rid of the land line altogether, so I chopped down to something like 50 calls a month within the area code and 9 cents for each extra. If incoming telemarketing calls don't count, 50 is too many but they won't let me have less. My land line has shitty reception anyway.

dee dee dee.
Tags: the little things

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