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March of the Penguins, Words 6 - 202

Musing further on March of the Penguins, I keep thinking about the scene showing the dangers the female penguins face upon returning to the feeding grounds after laying their eggs. The predator, when consuming the female, is not only killing her, but the chick waiting for her onshore who will not be fed should she not return. Chase scene ensues, and the predatory seal snatches itself a penguin.

Had I been watching Frolick of the Seals, those weebley, doe-eyed whiskerfaces would have arfarfarfed their way into our hearts. The seal antagonist, however, was a lithe stalker--more reminiscent of an aquatic dinosaur than a loveable old grandpa--with a mouthful of sharp teeth that opened nearly 180degrees before it snapped shut. It's funny what a little perspective will do.

On a more superficial note, what parent in his right mind brings a 3-year-old to a National Geographic documentary? YES it's Rated G. YES it's got fluffy little penguin beeper puffs. But you know one of them is going to bite it in a bad way. And your 3-year-old, conscious enough of it's relationship with it's own parents, is going to cry when the momma penguin mourns the death of her chick. A lot.
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