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Solicit This.

My phone rang at 8:20 this morning as I was scrambling around doing anything I could to make myself less late for work. I figure someone's being funny or one of my family members is dead. I answer it and hear a pause and a soft tone-kinda sound that tells me a computer has called. I say hello for the second time so that the chimp telemarketer can pick up his headset now that he knows an actual human has answered.

He asks for me all nonchalantly as if he knows me and I respond. He starts in with "This is Robert from the State Trooper's Association..." and I just mutter, "oh, for god's sake" and slam down the receiver.

There are several things that bother me about this.
1. I'm not giving money to a phone charity, especially not one that thinks if they throw "Police" or "State Trooper" into the title that I'm going to guilt myself into donating because they can link my phone number with my car and they're going to pull me over for not giving them money.

2. We all know what a racket the State Troopers have running, just ask Jair how much he had to donate to their HOV Fund last year.

3. If I wasn't late for work, I wouldn't have been there for the call. No one in their right mind calls at 8:30 in the morning on a weekday unless there's some emergency. I'm not going to give money to anyone who gives me heart palpatations when I'm already late to work.

4. If I didn't have to work, I would have been asleep. I'm not giving money to anyone who wakes me up. How the hell do they plan on getting money anyway calling at the time when anyone with money should be out of their house?

So yeah. I hung up on a telemarketer this morning and I'd do it again any day. Bleh.

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