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Twenty Dollars Can Buy Many Peanuts

I am completely braindead. Not a worthwhile thought has passed through this space in days. To fans of the Friday Poll: I apologize. I couldn't think of anything.

If you see some chickadee in a Urban Outfitters-style "ironic" T-shirt that says "My Other Shirt Is Funnier" you can smile and know I wrote that. I was hanging out with a friend on Thursday whose girlfriend's job is to write clever t-shirt sayings and kind of blurted that out off the cuff. He asked me if they could use it and I agreed.

I thought that night that writing clever t-shrit sayings sounds like a dream job for me, but since I almost accidentally came up with that one, I haven't had a single witty thought. I haven't even taken the job and I'm burnt out on it. The pressure of the hipster pseudo-vintage wit machine is too much.
Tags: pop culture, the little things
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