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Dear Electronic Diary:
Today has been particularly trying. In addition to flaying the skin from the pair of imbecilic guards responsible for the escape of one maeincarnate, I've also had to deal with the rather rambunctious and sudden appearance of a Mr coldblackncold. I am not certain what to make of this rabble rouser, as he has neither the pure funkified infamy of bobwhite nor the sheer rebelliousness of that rat-bastard matic. Instead there is a cold, calculating unspoken threat to his e-gaze that makes me think I should station more Royal Guard units in Zeta Sector. Let this be a note to my tremendous self: DO NOT IGNORE THE THREAT THAT IS coldblackncold.

In other news, that rash my razor-boots has been leaving on my majestic calves has now spread to the place where my spiked shoulder pads meet my cowl. Maybe I should switch to a big, evil crown or something.

Now for those of you enjoying this snazzy new Livejournal. I pose a question to engage you with hopes that you will find yourself drawn into my web of intellectual, sharp-witted analysis of the current world around us:

How about that new show, the Chappelle Show. Is he a funny gentleman or what?

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