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The added OCD element makes it more exciting.

I have joined a Fantasy Football league. I'm honestly stunned it has taken me this long, and given the fun I've had with it this first week, disappointed as well. I should have done this a long time ago - it really makes football more fun.

I have never really had a "team". By location, I was a Giants fan as a child, but I've never really latched on to one. I understand football and know how it works and can tell a good play from a bad one, but with no real team loyalty, I'd cheer and boo for both teams in one game, or arbitrarily choose one side to go for.

But now? I have a reason to care about a San Diego/Dallas game. When that pud Brees keeps waiting too long to pass, I care. When he keeps passing it to some dude who's got some guy on him like stink on shit and STILL keeps getting all the passes, I care. And what's all this caring gotten me so far? A 99% forecast for defeat this week.

Yes, my plans for inter-league domination have been foiled. I'm behind in my matchup signifigantly, and my two remaning point sources are pitted against each other. Alas, I am not disheartened! Perhaps this is to my benefit: my eventual climb from the bottom will seem all the sweeter. I have been doubted since I agreed to play, and I have known in my heart of hearts my opponents will regret it.

I will toy with them this week.

And I'll not be so startled by my guys getting put on the Questionable list.
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