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I used to trick these people with the ol' "Change the Screensaver Marquee" trick

Okay, so in preparation for the upcoming reunion, someone from my class, in conjunction with the reunion-party-planner people, have set up a Yahoo message board for the class and reunion attendees. I'm guessing it was the reunion people, now that I think of it, since our high school name is misspelled in the description.

It started off quietly, with a few "hey is anyone even reading this?"es, and then things went downhill. Either my graduating class has not seen a computer since 1995, none of them have ever been on a message board before, or there's a reason I got as good grades as I did in high school.

No one has started threads. Everyone is posting to the main board, but posting to one person in particular: "Hey Vik, So, back in the good 'ol NJ huh? It is so cool to hear from all these people. Plus everyone's married with kids and stuff, it's so wierd since I..." Either they don't think anyone else can read these, or they really want everyone to read their little messages to each other.

I'm thinking it's the first, because one person has posted "I made the move out to the West Coast too! I live in Northern Cali..." twice, except once it started off "Hey Espo!" and the second time "Hey Jake!"

There's also a girl whose husband is in the NAVY. Yes, the NAVY. Where they live really changes a lot, since they have to be near NAVY bases. I know it's like that on the t-shirts, honey, but you don't have to write it like that every time.

Perhaps the most depressing is this (emphasis mine): "Word up, what is everybody up too? How many ppl are going back for the reunion? Where are ppl living these days? I'm out in sunny Orange County, CA." That's the whole message, folks. Two ppls: one post.

Yesterday, a post came in from a guy who I vaguely remember as having a ridiculous skater haircut and a bit of a social disorder: "I can't say that I remember alot of people from high school either. [Espo] is about the only one that I really remember that's posting on this. Could everyone put what they where know for. I'm pretty sure that I was know for being insane but I could be wrong."

Either this is going to be the most awesome thing ever to happen on the internet, or this guy effectively killed the board. I'm waiting with baited breath. I would love nothing more to see what people think they were "know" for in high school.

I'm tempted to put something like "Remember me? Most of you thought I was on drugs, but really I was just a spaz. I thought I was toying with all of you when I instituted my 'no speaking in class on odd-numbered days' self-restriction, but again, spaz." Given the netsavvy demonstrated so far, I doubt the comedy would come through. And I'd hate to break the streak of greeting-card pleasantries everyone's life and perspectives have turned out to be.
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