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It's Friday Poll Time!

The theme of this week's poll is "Prequels, Sequels, and Spinoffs." I'm worried, as I was the time we did cast-the-shitty-Hollywood-remake-of-good-movies-with-hot-young-"stars", that even throwing these ideas out into the cosmos will allow them to come into being and I will therefore be responsible for such abominations.

But if they've got thousands of monkeys banging away on typewriters 24/7 in Hollywood trying to come up with ideas on how to crap on good movies, really, what are the odds that ideas I came up with in an hour haven't already been pitched or they weren't going to come up with these ideas eventually?

(See also The Blurst of Times Theorem)


Poll #571661 Friday is a Work-Free Zone


Bill Murray flexes his new dramatic skills in an old familiar character in: Ghostbusters 3: Venkmann Family History
The hilarity of the wacky neighbor comes to your home every Monday night this fall with Louis Tully, CPA He's got all the cedacelacytic acid you need!
Partiers. Doctoral Candidates. Paranormalists. The ladies love 'em and the ghosts are afraid of 'em: Ghostbusters: The NYU Years

Forrest Gump

Forrest addresses tough life questions in: Forrest Gump 2: Your Momma's Dead Because She Didn't Love Me
See Forrest Jr. lash out in teenage angst and rage in: Forrest Gump 2: I'm Smarter Than My Dad
Follow another exciting life of a Forrest with: Nathan Bedford Forrest: Life is Like A Treeful of Dead Nigras

Twelve Monkeys

Mental Divergence! Barbarian Hordes on Pluto! Fuzzy Bunny Slippers! TJ Washington in: Are You Divergent, Friend?
Brad and Bruce are back, and they've brought Catherine Zeta Jones along for the ride! Thirteen Monkeys Thirteen is the New Twelve.
The outbreak begins: San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, Peking (ok that actually sounds pretty cool)

Schindler's List

Nazis, Schmazis. Why bake 'em at Auschwitz when you can freeze 'em in Siberia? Stalin's List
Hijinx abound from the Schindler Factory in: Whadda We Gonna Do With All These Elevators? Next floor: Hilarity!
He saved the Jews, but did he remember to take out the trash? Schindler's To-Do List

American Beauty

American Beauty, The Special-Edition Edit for PAX and ABC Family All the drama, none of the infidelity, drugs, breasts, or homosexual undertones.
The same story, a different lens: Another Day in the Neighborhood The story from those two gay guys next door's persepective.
Artsy and edgy, see Ricky and Jane's sexy and daring run from the law as told from Ricky's digital camcorder: Dancing With Plastic Bags
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