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Friday Poll Results

Unlike most Friday Polls, this one had right answers. For the curious, the correct answers to this Friday's Poll.

Question the first: it was my birthday.

Question #2: twicketface was the only one to get Question #2 right (Charlie Parker, Ray Charles, Jason Alexander). bobwhite, who chose ALL SIX of the celebrites provided, blatantly ignoring the "three of the" part of the question, did get it right, but is disqualified.

Question 3: I'm #4. Aww.

Question 4: #4 again. Double Aww.

Question 5: #1. Tricksy.

Question 6: rahaeli is #6

Question #9: Not since absolutcalm's stunning 2-week streak of managing to find the correct answer to an entirely subjective question, this week's victor is renob423.

Why does my tea smell like pot? cause hippies make both of them. Congratulations, Renob.
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