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Sorcery and Levitation All Rolled Into One Device. Thank You, Mr. Otis.

The other night I stopped by the package pickup room to see if some clothes I bought online had shown up yet. They hadn't, but the security gaurd did have a package for me "that's been here a while". I'd be annoyed by the lack of notice to the package's presence, but after the third time I should know better than to expect it.

What had been patiently waiting for me was a slim package from a games company. The UPS label had my address on it, but my name was written in pen, right above where veejay's name had been scratched out. I certainly hope this wasn't some sort of newfangled gift personalization method.

Inside was the complete Order of the Stick. Awesome.

In similar news: in the parking garage at my office, there's a sign near the elevator that says PUSH BUTTON TO SUMMON ATTENDANT. If it were only that easy.

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