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Stimulus is What You Make of It.

Having the means to do so, I was flipping through the channels at 3:00 last night. After watching two disappointing SNL reruns from the Billy Crystal/Martin Short era, a bizarre hit or miss time sandwiched between the Murphy/Piscopo years and the Hartman/Myers/Carvey/Farley years (or the Second Golden Age, if you will), on Comedy Central, I ventured forth into the cable network beyond. I stumbled across Street Smarts on the WB, a game that plays quite similarly to Howard Stern’s Homeless Game. Basically two contestants have to determine whether or not the three mouth-breathers they found in some mall will answer general knowledge questions correctly. I guess if it was aired on any other time than the weekday 3-3:30am slot, it might be copyright infringement.

I wonder what that means for the episode of the second, less popular Cosby program that came on next, or the disturbing commercial that came on in between them. Silhouetted against a rippling American flag, a couple sat hand in hand, with the voice over saying “Now more than ever, it’s time to show you love her. So give her a diamond from the Jewelry Factory…” What are we telling the 3:30am television viewing audience? That the men are going to die soon or that the women should take this and any other opportunity to cash in on some jewels?

Pop-Up-Video taught me today that there are three men in this country named Dick Tease.
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