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Maybe it's the Constant Sitting and Snacking.

For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night. I laid in bed wide awake all night thinking that if I just was still for one more minute I’d finally fall asleep. I think the only sleeping I did was from between 6:20, when I last looked at the clock and when my alarm went off. I feel just as awake as I did when I was lying in bed, if that’s any consolation for having to be at work after my blissful week off.

The gods of Metro weirdness must have known that I needed something to perk me up besides the bagel from High Noon I had planned on treating myself to (the best bagel south of the Mason Dixon apart from those chain places, I’d be willing to say. It’s refreshing to go to a place down here that isn’t devoted to bagels and still get a good one). I of course missed every form of transportation available to me by mere seconds. Missed the free shuttle; had to wait 10 minutes for a bus. Got into the metro station just in time to miss the yellow; had to wait 5 minutes for a blue. I was standing in the aisle holding on to the ceiling bar when a man in the seat in front of me: (no offense, boys) computer engineer type, bright orange collared shirt, brown belt, olive pants. He stands up to let the woman sitting in the inside seat get out and I notice a big white band across his back with “FTL” written on it.

Okay, so this guy’s underwear was sticking out. That’s fine. But the underwear was on the outside of the orange shirt. The man had tucked his shirt into his undies.
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