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Zipperneck: Fresh from BEADCON '06

This weekend, my sister-in-law and I went to a Bead Expo. There was a lot of stuff there I can't normally get, and she helped me pick out a bunch of stuff I normally wouldn't have gravitated to. The scene was bizarre - a strange demographic mix of people, from the entire families crowded around tables to the Angry Russians who wouldn't sell us any amber. Expecting a strong representation from the Jean Teasdale crowd we placed a small wager on the number of Rascal Scooters we'd see there, but both guessed higher than the 3 we actually saw.

I bought so much it was a bit overwhelming, but it's been a busy few days nevertheless:

And as always, more pretty things are on display at The Zipperneck Gallery, including the pieces commissioned for frockazulu's Mrs. for Valentines Day.
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