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Nerding for the Uninititated

There are two guys at work with whom I am comfortable enough to have revealed the fact that not only do I play Dungeons & Dragons, but I play Dungeons & Dragons every Wednesday night. They react to this with an appropriate combination of curiosity and condescension. During our periodic smoke breaks, one or the other will mention "it's Nerd Night!" or "tomorrow's Nerd Night!" or "how was Nerd Night? Did you get more hit points?"

Now that I have summarized to their satisfaction the basic rules of the game, they have started asking more in-depth questions. "What happens if you die?" "How do you know you don't trip and fall if you were trying to walk on a ledge or something?" "What if the DM makes up a character that's really lame? Do you tell him the character sucks or do you just let him run with it because he's the DM?"

Today was no exception. I told them about how I got invited into another game, and they were as surprised that someone could play in more than one game at once (and outright shocked that some of my Nerdly Compatriots are in upwards of 3), but didn't quite understand the logistics involved:

Co-Worker 1: So if like, we were in a group together, and I were in a group with my roommates, would I use the same character in both games?
Co-Worker 2: Duh, No!
Mej: No, you would use different characters.
CW1: Are all the characters existing at once? Could my one character meet the other one?
CW2: Ugh. They're all in different REALMS! *
Mej: It depends. If they're in the same place at the same time, they could.
CW1: Different time? Are there like, time machines?
Mej: Well, not in 3.5 at least.
Mej: Ok even if you got that it would have been a bad joke. Nevermind. It's...nevermind.
CW2: Like a book version?
Mej: Yeah.
CW1: But there could be time machines in D&D someday, right?

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