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Network Censoring Blows My Mind

I'm watching Blazing Saddles on Comedy Central, perhaps my favorite comedy movie of all time. Usually it's compeltely unwatchable on TV, with every third word or so offensive to *someone*, but I have to say that the folks at The House South Park Built are doing a pretty good job. I will argue with anyone that this is the only movie that can do racial humor and pull it off. People who use the term "Equal Opportunity" need to give this a watch; never has the entire population of the world been insulted so equally.

My opinion aside, here are some of the words they have left in that are usually omitted:
-Red Devil

And some that have been removed:
-The line "think of your secretary" Hedley Lammar's advice when William J. LePetomane (Governor) is trying to put his pen in the pen holder
-Gabby Johnson's incomprehensible "frontier gibberish" that sounds something like "rabbash"

I'm dying to see how they handle the schnitzengruben scene. But I will commend their choice of dubbing "imbicile" over "asshole". It almost worked.
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