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A Moment's Rest

Allow me to take these few moments to give you guys the rundown of my past few days.

Sunday afternoon, I headed out to Dulles to catch a flight to Dallas for a work trip. Arrived earlier than necessary, only to discover that due to unusual thunderstorms, Dallas was flooded, and my flight was delayed 3 hours. Thanks to a glitch on Expedia, however, I had a seat in first class which while augmented by the free wine, was tarnished by the drunk girl in the row over from me who spent the last hour of the flight whining at her boyfriend about how he shouldn't be mad at her. When turbulence began and my patience ended, I shut down for a snooze. The guy next to me said that while I was asleep, the boyfriend poured his drink on whinygirl, which would explain the tears on her face during deplaning.

Stevie, my Jordanian cab driver, spends his days listening to news radio and pontificating on the state of the world. After a few pronunciation foulups, he asked me if I thought the tsunami a few years ago was an "accident" or not. I naively replied that I assumed it was a storm. Rather than go into the full details of Stevie's theory, I'll sum it up thusly: the Arms Race between the US and the Russians is ongoing, and since the general public is convinced it has stopped, they have to resort to more subtle methods of attacking one another. The tsunami was the Americans attacking the Russians by detonating a nuclear bomb on the ocean floor. The SovietRussian response? Hurricane Katrina, of course.

He gave me his card so I could call him for my ride back since he liked talking to me and thinks we're of like mind.

The nice thing about gaining a time zone is that even though it felt like 2am when I got to bed, 5:45 felt a lot more like 6:45.

As for the boring work part: since I was the only staff member onsite, there was nobody there to freak out about nothing, cause a panic, and fuck everything up. The hotel was phenomenal, and everything went perfectly.

I had the good fortune to meet funboytim over beers on Monday evening. It's always strange to meet LJ friends for the first time--you know them but you've never met. The internet friendship trumped the face-to-face awkwardness potential, and a swell time was had by all.

Tuesday was another day of work stuff, and back to the airport. I failed to call Stevie for my ride. While I wasn't in first class for the return, the flight was undersold, and I got the entire row to myself. The pilot gleefully predicted a faster than usual flight time, with a tail wind in our favor and clear skies over DC. I was jolted from my book by a sudden dip, looked out the window to see nothing but the beam of light from the wing with lines of white streaked across. The pilot came back on the intercom to plead his ignorance of the freak snowstorm, but it did little to slow him down.

I went in to work for a half day today, gave a terse report of the trip, "tied up some loose ends" and I've been home since packing for tomorrow's cruise. 30 hours after I last left, I'll be back at Dulles, this time en route to Miami for 4 days of fun in the sun. My suitcase may be embarrassingly large for a 4-day trip, but at least I'm not stressed about having forgotten anything.

But first: a few hours of Nerding. I'll sleep when I'm dead.

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