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Across 110th Street

What I learned about New York today, by Mae N. Carnate

Today I learned that even though the information lady was very clear that the bus fare from LaGuardia to the subway is $2, it is not clear that the buses only take coins or metro cards. Also, when you get that stupid look on your face when you're standing with two dollar bills in your hand staring at a device that does not have a dollar slot, act casual and step on to the bus when the driver asks if you have change. Pretend you do, search through your bag, and wait a stop or so before returning to him with eighty cents you have, and offer the two dollars again. Nice ladies who get on later will break a dollar for you, and you can ride the bus for twenty cents cheaper than the information people said. But if you are still feeling guilty enough about this not to ask where you should get off for your desired train, you will miss your stop and have to take a different train.
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