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Don't Be That Guy

From Best of the Web, via pantload:
Guy Goma was waiting in the reception area at the BBC's headquarters in London the other day when someone came in looking for a guy named Guy. The Mail on Sunday reports that Goma raised his hand, whereupon he was "ushered into a studio and fitted with a microphone" for an interview.

The producer had the wrong Guy, and Goma was introduced as Guy Kewney, "an IT journalist and founder of" who was scheduled for an appearance to comment on a trademark lawsuit between the Beatles' Apple Corps and Apple computer. The video (which you can download or stream) is hilarious; the look of panic on Goma's eyes when he realizes what's going on is priceless.

But he quickly regains his composure. "Were you surprised by this verdict today?" asks the hostess. Replies Goma:

I am very surprised to see this verdict to come on me, because I was not expecting that. When I came, they told me something else.

Goma then answers a couple of more questions by talking about the wonders of the Internet--a subject he knows something about, since, as Kewney reports, Goma "was applying for a high level IT job with the BBC."

The producer who mistook Goma for Kewney obviously had no idea what the latter looks like. Goma is black, a Congolese national, while Kewney is white and bearded.
Watch the video. It's worth every second.
And if someone can get a screencap of his face at the moment of realization, I've got a shiny nickel for you.

As Gamer said yesterday: "you could probably ask any actor in Hollywood to make the expression: realizing you're being accidentally interviewed on the BBC about a subject you have no idea about" and they couldn't nail it like this guy has." Or Guy, in this case.

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