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Actively Avoiding Effort

Lazyass Coworker: Anybody know if there's a travel agency around?
Mej: There are still travel agencies?
New Girl: I'm pretty sure there's one in Georgetown...but other than that I don't know.
LC: hmm...I need one close by. I have to get brochures and stuff to show my friends.
Mej: If you go to Google and type in "Travel Agency" and our zip code, they'll not only tell you if there is one but how far away they are.
Friendly Assistant: how close is close? My family owns a Travel Agency but they're not in walking distance or anything.
LC: Yeah, I want to go during lunch and pick stuff up.
FA: They could FedEx some brochures to you...
LC: Oh that would be great!
shift·less adj.
1.    a. Lacking ambition or purpose; lazy: a shiftless student.
       b. Characterized by a lack of ambition or energy: studied in a shiftless way.
2. Lacking resourcefulness or efficiency; incompetent.
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